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From claims and stats to a brand of community and story

K&N had a larger opportunity beyond performance auto parts. Instead, we would aim to reinvent and lead the filtration category. The strategy was to take filtration from an auto part that improves finite vehicle performance to a technology that can unlock infinite human potential performance. 

As one of the foremost mechanical solves for the future. Filtration means clean water, clear air, safer hospitals, more fuel efficiency. It is everything. 

The key was to build a platform that set the tone for inspiration, value and meaning around what you can do with filtration at its highest level. 


With this new positioning and purpose, they are able to lead the entire filtration conversation Auto/Moto/Home/Beyond. The first step was winning back the core audience. 


Celebrating the spirit of daring exploration and high performance play in automotive culture.


Championing spontaneous decisions.

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